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The most efficient solution to save and track your health reports.

Patients and physicians are always looking for ways to improve their lab reports while being even more efficient. Our Leonsapp allows you to spend less time with a pile of papers and optimize your analysis reports.

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Leonsapp improves the daily work of doctors and facilitates the lifestyle of patients. Our features are adapted to the work of modern doctors. All data is securely stored in a private cloud accessible with any device, from anywhere in the world.


Checking numerous blood test reports to find an increase or decrease is a full-time job. With our app, you will erase all these challenges and maximize your patient's healthcare.
You will manage your patients with ease. Monitoring the evolution of patients will stimulate the diagnosis of therapies.

Rare Disease...

Application dedicated to patients with rare diseases and the following doctors. A number of modules will help you manage your medical analysis, progress or disgression and coordinate your therapy process.


Focusing on simple and quality reports to understand the development of your health is difficult, with our application you can provide content and allow to see daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports.